ACTION DUE 11/15: CNA Rules revisions available for comment

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ACTION DUE 11/15: CNA Rules revisions available for comment

Evans, Jonathan L.


MITRE has compiled the changes proposed by the working groups into a draft document.  You can find the document attached, along with a document explaining what the proposed changes are and how they were implemented in the draft. 

We would appreciate if you would review the document and provide feedback on the changes by November 15th

CNA Rules revision timeline: 

§  Now – 10/30/19 – On Track – Jonathan will send

       MITRE integrates the proposed changes into a single unified document

§  10/30/19 - 11/15/19

       Unified draft CNA Rules 3.0 document sent out for review and comments by the Board and CNAs

       All comments must be received by 11/15

§  11/16/19 – 12/1/19

       MITRE integrates feedback received by the Board and CNAs

§  12/2/19 – 12/16/19

       MITRE submits the final CNA Rules 3.0 document for a vote by the Board on 12/2/19

       Board has two weeks to vote

§  12/16/19 – 12/31/19

       CNA Rules 3.0 document sent for final technical edit

       No substantive change will be made during the edit

§   1/2/2020

       CNA Rules 3.0 is posted and in effect


Thank you,

Jonathan Evans

CVE Content Team Lead

CVE Team

email: [hidden email]

phone: 781-271-5760


List of Rules Changes for 3.0.docx (54K) Download Attachment
CNA Rules v3.0.docx (351K) Download Attachment
smime.p7s (6K) Download Attachment