Jay Gazlay (DHS CISA) voted in as CVE Board Member

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Jay Gazlay (DHS CISA) voted in as CVE Board Member

Jo E Bazar

Board Members,


A majority of the CVE Board Members voted in favor of the inclusion of Jay Gazlay (DHS CISA) to the CVE Board. Because a majority has already been achieved, the voting process has officially ended before the May 28, 2020 deadline.


Based on the results of this vote, we would like to welcome Jay to the Board. He will be added to the list of Board members on the CVE web site and included in all Board list communications from this point forward. Last, thanks to all those who voted. Please let us know if there are any questions.   


About Jay:

Jay is a senior security professional with direct oversight of the CVE Program in his role at CISA. Jay is responsible for ensuring that the CVE Program is effectively funded and operationally sound. He fully supports the CVE Program’s federated growth strategy. Jay believes in the community and takes a uniquely “outside the Beltway” attitude when working to solve challenging problems. Jay understands the art of balancing equities to achieve shared goals. Jay brings an informed and unique perspective to the vulnerability management space, and is in position to add significant value to the CVE Program’s evolution in strategic and operational terms. It is my privilege to nominate such a highly passionate and competent professional to be one of our Board colleagues.




Jo Bazar

CVE Team

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