Ken Munro voted in as CVE Board Member

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Ken Munro voted in as CVE Board Member

Jo E Bazar

Board Members,


A majority of the CVE Board Members voted in favor of the inclusion of Ken Munro (Pen Test Partners LLP) to the CVE Board. Because a majority has already been achieved, the voting process has officially ended before the February 3, 2021 deadline.


Based on the results of this vote, we would like to welcome Ken to the Board. He will be added to the list of Board members on the CVE web site and included in all Board list communications from this point forward. Last, thanks to all those who voted. Please let us know if there are any questions.   


About Ken:


Ken Munro was born with a natural curiosity and enthusiasm which has the ability to motivate and inspire others to reach for the unknowable. As demonstrated in this TED Talk, Ken is a captivating speaker who is able to connect with his audience and leave them feeling included in even the most complex security discussions. He comes from a security research background and has overseen the disclosure of on average 200 vulnerabilities per year for the last 10 years. Ken is the most professional and respected security researcher I have ever met. Not only does Ken have over 25 years of experience in the cybersecurity ecosystem he brings with him realistic expectations regarding business and program management. This combination of technical skill and practical management ability is exceedingly rare in the security community. Ken is a well-respected authority within the cybersecurity research, government, law enforcement, and technology vendor communities. He has the know-how and willingness to help the CVE program bridge the gap in incorporating a balance of stakeholders with various perspectives. He has extensive contacts and experience within the full range of security related issues. Ken’s work has been foundational to encouraging secure product development, regulation of IoT devices, and protection of customer data. I have never seen Ken shy away from a challenge, he possesses the determination to be a force for good and positive change.  Like any good medicine, bringing security vulnerabilities into the light might not be the medicine the ecosystem wants, but it’s the medicine the community needs.





Jo Bazar

CVE Team

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