Patrick Emsweller (Cisco) Voted in as CVE Board Member

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Patrick Emsweller (Cisco) Voted in as CVE Board Member

Coffin, Chris

Board Members,


A majority of the CVE Board Members voted in favor of the inclusion of Patrick Emsweller (Cisco) to the CVE Board. Because a majority has already been achieved, the voting process has officially ended before the June 28 deadline.


Based on the results of this vote, we would like to welcome Patrick to the Board. He will be added to the list of Board members on the CVE web site and included in all Board list communications from this point forward. Last, thanks to all those who voted. Please let us know if there are any questions.


About Patrick:

Patrick has 19 years of experience working with CVEs (back to when they were CANdidates). He is currently the primary issuer and requester (i.e. Block CVE requests) for CVEs for assignment within Cisco. Patrick also consumes CVEs for analysis and dissemination to internal business units. This is through an internal system that alerts product owners so they can update third-party software in their products. He has also been an analyst for Cisco's IntelliShield Alert service for the past 19 years, and produces security analyses for Cisco customers based on CVE-reported vulnerabilities in non-Cisco software.


Voting Results:

Note: There are 23 total Board Members, with 20 Total votes possible due to 1 vote per organization. 11 votes makes a simple majority.

  • 12 voted yes
  • 0 voted no
  • 1 non-votes at time of decision




Chris Coffin

The CVE Team